Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chocolate Blitz in Biarritz

Since the rain won't let up here I thought I would indulge my sweet tooth in a trip to the Planète Chocolat in Biarritz (bikini be damned!). The visit began with a short video about where and how chocolate is produced (all in french of course), followed by a tour which takes visitors on a journey through appetising galleries and displays devoted to chocolate molds, sculptures, vintage packaging and the tools and machines from around the world and through the eras. The end of the visit culminated in my favourite part: the sampling. Be sure to try the cup of rich hot cocoa!

And of course the tour ends by being spit out into the museum shop, where you can buy the house chocolate bars, cocoa and bonbons. I decided to skip the museum shop and head for the local chocolatiers. I didn't have to go far until I ran into two of southern France's premier chocolatiers. Henriet with its signature pretty blue colour and traditional decor just so happened to be situated right across the street from the dark, sleek and contemporary Maison Adam, which made for an easy comparison and sampling! Result: Both divine!