Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Evening Game Drive

Some of the Rangers and Trackers

Zebras!!! They're stripes are like their fingerprints, each one is completely different and unique.

A Zebra with an Itchy Bum

Massive Male Giraffe!! Our Ranger Johan said he was about 16 years old. The darker their colour, the older they are.


The Three Ladies. Mamma with two little ones.

No big deal just a LION walking towards us!!

On the hunt

There's something up ahead in the bushes...

Stalking the Prey... Mom up the middle, the cubs flank to the sides.

African Sunset

Cocktails Anyone...?


We met our Ranger Johan at 4:30 to begin our first evening safari. I'm at a complete loss for words and can't begin to describe all the amazing and incredible things I was just so fortunate to witness!!

One of the highlights was watching a mamma lioness and her two female cubs stalk a herd of wildebeests. Unfortunately they were unsuccessful, as one of the young was a bit too trigger happy and spoiled the hunt. Would have been super cool to see a kill. Maybe tomorrow...... Off to bed, wake up call is at 5:00am for the morning safari.