Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We spent the better part of the day in a great little village called Biot. And enjoyed a fabulous lunch at an amazing restaurant called Le Piccolo. We both ordered from there "selection of the day" menu, Dennis had a delicious creamy ravioli and I ordered a fresh and colourful salade chevre chaud. Both were fantastic!

Biot is a very picturesque and very popular medieval village that's actually about 2500 years old. The village is perched up high and overlooks hills covered with olive trees. Although the village gets crowded with tourists during the summer, it retains much of its natural charm and its feeling of antiquity. One can't help but admire the beautiful doors, vaults, stairways, stonework, sundials, cobblestones, and the perspectives from one street to another.

Biot has been a source of pottery since antiquity. The region is rich in fine clays, sand, manganese and even volcanic tufa for making the kilns. Currently, Biot is renowned for its glass work, typically a clear or coloured transparent glass with little bubbles. There are several glass workshops and gallerys throughout the town, and you can watch the glass-blowing process as the pieces are made.

If you are an art lover like myself, then a visit to The Fernand Leger Museum is an absolute must. The artist himself had the museum built, and inside you will find a superb selection of the artist's work from 1905 to his death in 1955.