Monday, October 8, 2012

Diving with the Great White

Getting ready to board the Apex Predator

Heading out to Dyer Island

Here they come..


Here fishy fishy fishy...

Looking a bit pale.... Unfortunately this girl along with five others failed to earn their sea legs.

Cage Action

Cage Action

Holy Shit!!!

Times two

This guy was one of the biggest of the day. Unfortunately the pic doesn't quite do it justice.

Playing around

Playing around

Spotted a few whales on the ride back in to the harbour.

Drove out to Kleinbaai for some Great White shark cage diving action!! There are quite a few different shark cage diving tours in Kleinbaai, its the capital of the sport, but we decided to go with Great White Shark Tours. The company is headed by owner and founder, Brian McFarlane, who has earned a living from the sea his entire life. He has become somewhat of a local legend in the industry with his incredible tales about the sea and his underwater experiences.

There had been a few days of bad weather, so there were a few extra people in our group than usual. We were a bit concerned at first, but by the time we got to 'shark alley' 5 people were already sea sick.

After dropping anchor the crew through out a giant tuna head, a black seal cut-out and began the process of chumming up the sea. We didn't have to wait to long for the first Great White to come cruising by. After that it was pretty much non-stop shark action for the next 4 hours.

Being able to get up close and personal with one of the world's most feared animals was a completely unreal experience! They were sleek, muscled, and incredibly agile. There is no doubt that they are the most evolved predators in the ocean. Row upon row of teeth and capable of sensing the blood of an injured animal from over a kilometre away, its not surprising that they are the most feared creature beneath the waves. And of them all, the Great White is the most awesome.