Saturday, May 22, 2010

Salies de Bearn

I thought I would take the liberty of introducing everyone to the town in which Dennis and I have called home, at least until July 1st. Salies de Bearn is a very picturesque town, full of little lanes which make it perfect for ambling and relaxing. There are markets every Thursday and Saturday and natural thermal baths which are housed in an interesting Moorish style building. The Tour de France will also be starting from Salies de bearn this year, which everyone seems to be very excited about.
Although Salies is only an hours drive from the coast, it seems worlds away in comparison to the happening and bustling beach towns. There isn't too much to do in the town itself to satisfy a young cool couple like ourselves, as the few restaurants and one bar - an irish pub called Maguires - all close around 9:00pm. Not to mention that most of the inhabitants here are either retired or farmers. We are keeping our fingers crossed for a place on the coast to open up for July 1st!